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Radiology Services

  • Daytime Cloud Technology
  • Partial and Full-time Coverage
  • Custom Structured Reports
  • Final Reads
  • Premliminary Reads

Protocols & Turnaround times

  • Stroke
  • Trauma
  • Emergent
  • Radiologic

Client Support

  • 24/7 U.S. Based Client Support
  • Implementation
  • Radiologist Credentialing Licensing
  • Client Billing Solutions
  • Peer Review

The Radiology Group (TRG) is a national radiology practice whose cutting-edge technology coupled with streamlined workflow has positioned us as one of the top TeleRadiologist groups. The Radiology Group’s conveyer belt preliminary read methodology supports our Radiologists in our system to be more productive and raises the bar in workflow optimization. TRG can customize radiology services and clinical coverage options to meet your specific needs.

Technology & Innovation


Prevent Teleradiology Burnout

3 levels of compliance

  • • Initial:
  • • Active:
  • • Retrospective analysis:

Increase the number of interpretations done per yer by leveraging our FTE Rads

Lower overall cost by using our FTE Rads at a lower rate than your employed Radiologist

TRG Connect

Technology enabling customer patient and facility

HIPAA Compliant Messaging


  • -Radiology Department
  • -Emergency Medicine Physician
  • -24/7 Priority Call Center

Telehealth platform for Radiologists and On-site Clinicians

Telehealth platform for patients

TRG is backed by AI for ultimate speed and quality

TRG One Stop

TRG solution for hospitals and facilities to convert professional radiology services into profit centers from cost centers

Implementation of TRG compliment of services for best practices

Coordinating on-site Radiologist responsibility in streamlined practices for improved results

Perform complete professional billing services to pay for TRG costs

No payment required from facility

Implement TRG scanning protocol for high efficiency and improved throughput

Offering on-site and 24/7 teleradiology staffing

Full TRG Connect platform

TRG assist platform implementation with existing Radiologists